This site is my personal homepage. It reflects my ideas, thoughts, rants. It’s about my wife, the kids, code snippets, my hobbies – in short, it’s all about me 🙂

Here’s what else that means: It means it’s copyrighted by me. Opinions and whatever are mine. Mine! Not my employer’s, my spouse’s, or my pets’.

It also means that this site may contain adult content. If you’re under age, offended by the content, etc., then please leave.

If I mention other companies, their products or similar stuff, they have their own trademarks, copyrights, and all the other legalese stuff. I’m not going to footnote every mention of “Microsoft” or “IBM” with a “trademark/(c) by” etc. – those are all theirs respectively.

If I have anything copyright or otherwise protected anywhere (some of my pics are from the Internet, and usually without source) that is yours and you want to have it taken down, please contact me and I’ll remove it.